21 July 2018 – Why Boaters Should Respond to EA Consultation on Navigation Charges

It is important that boaters respond to the latest EA Consultation re Navigation Charges so that, not only are their concerns identified, but they are counted in the total response
count. Far too often boaters tend to just shrug their shoulders and the result is that the EA claim they must be content as they have not indicated otherwise.

Because this is a public consultation responses will be from all complexions of river users. Boaters really do need to ensure their views are well represented.

The previous consultation prior to this years 5.7% increase attracted just 870 responses IN TOTAL many of which were from non boating interests.
The analysis of issues and views of those 870 was as follows:

There are over 8,000 powered craft owners registered on the Thames – Imagine how these results would have been impacted if even 1,000 of them had bothered to respond !
Note that just 191 said that lockside assistance was important and only 125 wished for more river patrols. We all know that this is not a true representation of boaters views.

If ever there was a time for boaters to unite and demand change in the way the river is funded and managed it is now. Please , please don’t just let this opportunity to be heard pass you by.

Respond yourself, encourage other boaters you know to respond, make sure everyone in your club responds.
Fairly represent your personal views but DO IT ! We can make a difference !

Here’s the link to the consultation again: CONSULTATION

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