29th May 2011 – British Rowing and the EA

Does everyone realise how little rowers/rowing clubs actually pay to use the river?
There is an agreement between British Rowing and the Environment Agency which is, in effect, a bulk licensing scheme resulting in an almost 40% discount compared to the cost of a normal unpowered craft registration.
You can read the full agreement HERE but the important bits are as follows:

How much will licences cost?
The standard fee for 2011 EA licences will be £30.50 pa. Reduced price licences can only be obtained from British Rowing. 

The 2011 fees for annual licences purchased from British Rowing are
EA based Clubs: Standard Licence £19.00
Non EA based Clubs: Standard Licence £12.00
All Clubs: Junior Licence £5.00
Coaching or/and safety launches: free of charge.

Also in the document:

The EA have emphasised that their objectives are
To ensure that all boats used in rowing, both unpowered and coaching/safety launches are licensed. (This is no change from the current position.)
To obtain a ‘cost neutral’ position on the total income collected from rowing. If the fees that have been fixed result in increased income for the EA, they have undertaken to work with British Rowing to use the excess income to benefit the sport. If they result in a reduction in income the overall charge would have to be re-negotiated.

I am sure there are some that will defend this concession on the grounds of encouraging sport, healthy bodies etc etc but we are not talking here about people who cannot afford to pay.
What we don’t know is what the actual cost of this concession is in terms of lost revenue.

Licence for 27 foot Powered Craft this year – £375.00
Licence for a rowing eight – £19.00
Licence for a Coaching Launch – £NIL

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