15 July 2024 TMBA Review Statement

Since announcing the moratorium on TMBA subscriptions, we’ve been considering the way ahead for TMBA and how we might provide two clear benefits for members – 

1. Enjoyment and participation and 

2. Effective representation of boaters interests and concerns our relationship with the Environment Agency.

Membership numbers have been declining which is not just a TMBA problem, all groups of similar special interests report great difficulty in retaing existing membership, attracting new members, and a serious lack of support for the few that try to promote group benefit.

However, it has become clear that our own expectations also need to be seriously reviewed to take account of the changing real world impact of, not just the COVID pandemic, but particularly the shift in peoples willingness to positively support and assist each other to combat the unhappy tendency towards a ‘complain and criticise’ culture and anti social behaviour.

So we intend to major on two issues:

1. How we might create a more helpful environment for river users (not just boaters), and 

2.How the TMBA might best use its influence to promote self help to overcome challenges arising from inadequate funding and resources. 

We continue to engage with waterway managers at every opportunity and sense a change of attitude towards us and recognition that “doing nothing” is not an option. There have been some changes of EA personnel at more senior levels which also appear to be bringing a fresh approach which is welcome.

So much for the politics! 

We know many of you don’t wish to raise your heads above the political fence but hope you will st least recognise that we need to seriously engage in such matters.

Over the last decade the TMBA has achieved remarkable recognition for our persistent representation and participation as a ‘critical friend’ to the EA.

We are now considering ways to address making us a more attractive body to rank and file river users.

One is to retitle as simply the “TMBA “ and open membership to the wider community of river users to increase our political support base.

In conclusion, ‘doing nothing’ is not an option so please do try and assist us in our efforts to move the TMBA forward and promote the non tidal Thames as a truly recreational waterway.

Work is in hand to relaunch our website – www.tmba.org.uk – on 1st September.

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22 June 2024 – TMBA REVIEW

Just a reminder we have placed a moratorium on subscriptions pending a review of TMBA PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES. New membership applications for ‘provisional’ membership are continuing to be received and will carry full membership rights pending the outcome of the review. the new member application form can be found HERE




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12th March 2024 – TMBA REVIEW

Important Information – Subscriptions suspended

Pending a review of current and future TMBA activities there will be no subscription charges for TMBA membership until further notice. Current paid up members will remain in full membership without further payment when the current subscription expires on 31st March 2024.

New membership applications will continue to be accepted (without subscription charge) and will be recognised as “provisional Members” until the review is complete at which time a subscription payment may be required.

The new member application form can be found HERE

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10th May 2023 – IWA Statement funding of waterways.

IWA Statement re proposed national initiative to pursue joint action re funding of waterways.
“This morning (Friday 5th May) IWA National Chair, Les Etheridge, chaired a meeting of waterways organisations to discuss the threats to our waterways caused by a level of government funding which is already inadequate and appears likely to be cut even further. The meeting was jointly initiated by IWA and the National Association of Boat Owners (NABO). The organisations present all agreed on the need for joint action to influence national and local government, through a new campaigning group ‘Fund Britain’s Waterways’. It was heartening to see the waterways family starting to come together in their desire to take concerted action. This is an important part of IWA’s own campaign: Protect Our Waterways, and we urge you all to join in and add your voices.”
The TMBA was invited to participate in this meeting which, although convened at short notice, was attended by representatives of almost 30 waterway organisations.
For some years, we have been actively campaigning for a more united approach from user organisations and I was pleased to indicate our support. My proposal that a small working group urgently formulate clear purpose and strategy was unanimously adopted.
Members will be kept informed of progress.
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10th May 2023 – Membership information and subscriptions

The TMBA subscription year, previously 1st January to 31st December, has now changed to 1st April to 31st March.

Subscriptions for 2023/4 are now due. Existing members can make payment directly via the payment portal here: tmba-payment-portal

New members should complete the membership application here: register
After submitting the form you will be redirected to our payment portal.

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