24 August 2022 – EA drydocks to close.

Dear TNUF member,

Following the completion of a recent review regarding the dry docks at Sunbury Depot (Surrey) and Osney Depot (Oxfordshire), the Environment Agency has decided to close these facilities for the foreseeable future.

The review was undertaken by local area staff and our national advisors who assessed three main aspects: the effective management of liabilities for third-party works undertaken in an Environment Agency facility; the anticipated cost of completing the required health and safety measures, and the cost of developing a fully assured safe system of work for the operation and maintenance of these facilities by Environment Agency staff.  It has been concluded on both safety and cost grounds that these facilities should not be continued.  Unfortunately, the cost associated with these three aspects is prohibitively expensive and may not have met public sector scrutiny requirements.

We understand this decision will have an impact on our dry dock customers, but wanted to provide this update as close to the review completion as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at WaterwaysThames@environment-agency.gov.uk if you have any queries or would like further clarifications. 

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