9 February 2023 – EA National Navigation Update

Following inaugural meetings of the new EA National Waterways Forum (NWF) and EA National Waterways Advisory Group (NWAG), the Environment Agency National Navigation Team have published their first National Navigation Update for EA waterways users.
The 13 page document can be  downloaded  HERE

Commenting on the new customer engagement strategy the EA explain:
“We completed our national stakeholder engagement review last year and rolled out our new engagement model in time for the autumn, as planned.
We launched the new National Waterways Forum (NWF) with an inaugural meeting chaired by the EA Board Member for Navigation, Robert Gould on 19th October; whilst the first National Waterways Advisory Group (NWAG) took place on 29th September. The NWF brings together senior decision makers from all national organisations with an interest in our waterways from both a boating and non-boating perspective and NWAG is made up of subject matter experts on each of our areas of work, as set out in the Navigation Business Plan.”


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