TMBA Constitution

Please Note – Following the change to subscription based membership on 2nd December 2013 the TMBA is currently re-organising its management structure. In particular any reference in this  constitution to the Administrator will change to reflect the election of a General Secretary, Treasurer and Advisory Board.

  1. The TMBA (the “Association”) exists solely as a user group representing owners of powered craft whose boats are registered with the Environment Agency for use on the non tidal Thames.
  2. The Association may also accept as associate members any other individual, association or corporate body that shares a common interest in the aims of the Association.
  3. The Association is controlled and managed by the General Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected/re-elected by the members annually.
  4. The Membership Fee for the period to 31st December 2018 is £5.00.  Members may terminate their membership at any time by emailing a request to admin(@) but no refunds will be given.
  5. The General Secretary will use his/her best endeavours to develop and maintain a working relationship with the Environment Agency Thames management and actively pursue constructive dialogue with regard to issues that generally affect members enjoyment of the river. Wherever possible, the General Secretary will seek the views of members in relation to any specific issues and will endeavour to ensure that such views are reflected in any discussions with the Environment Agency. Members are free to contact the Administrator by email if they wish to raise particular concerns about river related issues.
  6. Members are required to observe their legal responsibilities with regard to craft registration and comply with all statutes and good practice in their use of the river.
  7. Except in exceptional circumstances, and only then with the General Secretary’s agreement and where invited to do so by both parties, the Association will not involve itself in any disputes between individual members and the Environment Agency.
  8. Communication with members will be through the www. website and directly by email.
  9. Registering for membership acknowledges acceptance of this constitution.

tmba constitutionV3-15052018